Red Lipped Hussy

So I’ve never had the confidence or inclination to wear red lipstick.  In fact, I’ve always considered myself to look a little bit of a hussy whenever I’ve had it on, overhearing comments from my mum who never wore it in fear of looking like a pricey hooker.
I’ve always grown up with the idea that women with olive coloured skin and brown hair should not wear rouge, whether that be lipstick or blush, and stick to neutrals and earthy tones.
However, this regimented thought in my mind started to crack when I starting seeing a gorgeous Irish fancy flashing her colourful pout every week.  Sian was rocking some poptastic colours with her forever growing lipstick collection, breaking all the conventional rules of skin types and hat you should wear… Which got me thinking… And buying…

I rocked onto eBay and bought the Sally Hanson Natural Beauty Comfort Lipstick, in a fierce shade – Sangria – for £3. I did a bit of reading around and most beauty bloggers either recommended an orangey-red for my skin tone, or (to be super fierce) a bright cherry red.  I’m an all or nothing girl, so the latter option was chosen!20130207_1638421360359339510

The lipstick feels silky and luxurious, I found the colour a little overwhelming at first – one coat gives the colour above – but I think this was more to do with my own self confidence and not being used to this colour pop on face!  The picture above is literally the first time I wore the colour, and is only one coat, as I’ve got more confident with the lipstick I’ve added more layers to get a much redder pout.
I totally love this colour, it makes me feel super confident and sexy! I wore this on a night out on Friday and I said to a friend I felt like I put my war paint on when I applied the lippy and I could face anything!

Lipstick convert!

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Hello Sailor!

I popped into my local Primark over the weekend in an impromptu shopping trip, initially I was there to pick up some statement necklaces for London PS Fashion Week (only 5 days to go!) but this little cardigan caught my eye…
As blogged previously, my local Primarni is now stocking up to a size 20 on a good half of it’s lines.  Although I still can’t fit into the tighter fitting clothes and fabrics (chiffon is not my friend), I seem to be fine with knitwear.  As I’ve been after a cardigan with elbow pads for a while, this cardigan caught my eye.
It’s a cotton cardigan with a navy blue strip nautical print, with some teacher chic tan elbow pads!


It’s super comfy, so roomy and keeps my very warm.  I just teemed this with some black skinnies, a plan top and my Barrets shoes for a laid back look.  I also added this cute pendant necklace from Primark to emphasis the nautical kick, which is yet again coming back for S/S 13.


Not an overly dressy post, but this is me on a day-to-day basis at college so wanted to share!

Love you guys!


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Who’s That Girl?!

If you’ve popped over to the Evans site lately you made have noticed some familiar faces…


Yes, it’s the gorgeous Callie, Beth and Georgina!  A few of the bloggers recently went to have a sneak peak at the new S/S ranges at Evans HQ, where they were invited into a photo shoot to promote the new range Scarlett and Jo. What a refreshing change from the models Evans normally use! I think these ladies look absolutely gorgeous, don’t you?
The Scarlett and Jo range has gone live on the Evans website, with a bulk of their collection available to buy now.  Certain items haven’t been published for purchase yet (they do this with Clements Ribeiro too) but will soon be ready for you to spend your hard earnt pennies on!

collectionWhy not take a gander over to the site to browse these pieces now?  I LOVE the panel dresses and embellished shoulder t-shirt.
While you’re there you can also catch up on the blogger event (and all things Evans news) on their blog Fashion Fix.

Much love!

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The Evans Wardrobe Challenge!

The delightful Hanna over at The Wardrobe Challenge has teamed up with Evans to offer one lucky reader a chance to win £100 in vouchers! Amazing!

To have a chance of winning this fantastic price all you have to do is create a polyvore image (or similar) of how you would style a piece of the Scarlett and Jo collection.
After seeing a few pieces online and from fellow bloggers at the Evans press event, I knew immediately what piece I wanted to style and set to it!

blog challenge

scarlett and joI appreciate that the image is a little small on this blog – but if you click on it then it will open in a new page to a larger size.
Essentially, I’ve taken the embellished shoulder top from the Scarlett and Jo collection and given the reader two options – a night and day look.  I had planned to do just a night look, but had thought as we all are living in a much more frugal society (counting those pennies!) then it would be cool to see if I could style it up for a day at the office also.  For absolutely everything it’s £140.
Obviously, as the challenge is for £100 I will be submitting for the night look only…. I LOVE THIS LOOK!!

What do you think?

Head on over to The Wardrobe Challenge for a nosey on the competition!


Pick Up Your Confidence, Pack Out Your Calendar!


6 months ago I would never have had the confidence to attend any kind of fashion show whatsoever.  Despite often trawling through magazines and website for ages for the latest prints, cuts and accessories I have never felt comfortable physically going to a fashion show.  My own insecurities about my size and wardrobe made me feel unworthy, the overwhelming feeling of being mocked or laughed at by fashionistas meant I stayed away from events (like The Clothes Show).
Since then, however, I have this community online of fierce women who give a ‘I don’t give a crap what you think, I’m going to wear these jeans’ attitude.  Fabulous.
Women like this empower me not to be afraid, fuck the people who raise an eyebrow.  I hope they do. At least then I’ve made an impact, who wants to skulk in the shadows of frumpy skirts and baggy cardigans?

If you feel like I did 6 months ago, I thoroughly recommend an intense course of therapy of online shopping, online blog reading and some plus size events.  Trust me – you’ll feel better for it!
Below are some of my favourite plus size events happening this year:


British Plus Size Fashion Week

British Plus Size Fashion Week has been mentioned on this blog before, as well as countless other plus size blogger’s too.  The event has got a lot of buzz around it at the moment, all you have to do is hit #BPSFW into twitter and you’ll see the amount of people getting super excited over it.
The weekend has a variety of activities and events in it’s schedule, including a plus size clothes swap, key topic discussions and (of course) a fashion show at the end.  There’s also going to be plus size shopping area at Shoreditch Town Hall if you wanted to grab anything that caught your eye.
The shopping area is also free for those who can’t get tickets, for whatever reason, so you can still pop on down on your Saturday shopping trip!
Tickets start from £7, with weekend inclusive passes being £45.


a76553b2bf613f9930eb4b4ee2ea6a51Plus North
The fabulous Becky and Toni are back again this year and hosting their second plus size fashion event in the North.  If you like a good chin wag with like minded chubsters, often drool over the latest pickings on the plus size high street or just fancy a smashing day out then this is the one for you.
The event was attended by 150 people last year so has proved super popular. Everyone is welcome at Plus North, blogger or no. With ticket’s starting as cheap as a fiver for the event, on the 7th September, it’s affordable fashion fun!
If you’re up for a bit of a party, the team are also offering an after party event this year, including drinks and karaoke… Best get those vocals in order!! A cat, strangled? How very dare you.

Tickets start from £5 for the day event, with all inclusive day being £13


Plus London 

pluslondon12_250pxPlus London has confirmed it will be coming back for it’s third round this year. The event is due to take place on the 2nd November, with all other details being kept quiet at the moment.
Keep an eye on twitter for forthcoming information and announcements!


Curves Fashion Week: Bahamian Cruise

5893795_origWhat’s better than drinks, fashion gossip and buying new shoes? Doing it whilst on a luxury cruise ship, obviously!
These powerhouse peeps from Atlanta have decided that the curvacious ladies of the plus size world need a holiday, so they’re chartered a cruise ship and created a packed out 5 day itinerary of fashion and partying hard.
At around $800 a pop for a single room, it’s rather expensive – but hey, you may be feeling flush.  If you are, take me.
So, who’s up for Haven then?
CURVES Fashion Week Cruise –


What are you waiting for? Strap on those red shoes of confidence, book some tickets and join us for a party!


Pay Day Perversions – January

So, payday is in 24 hours and the lustful feelings have started setting in again…

Jan 2013


I’m loving the baroque prints everywhere at the moment, I love lace and the pattern reminds me so much of a lace cloth.  Asos is ringing my bells massively with their latest pieces!
I looked and feel in love with the oversized red leather clutch whilst browsing eBay… for £17 (inclusive of postage) you can’t go wrong.  I need that extra pop of colour, so the Mac lippy is also on the lust list.

And let’s talk about that feather clutch…. HOW Carrie Bradshaw?!?!  Lush.  I imagined a ball gown to the opera with it, hence the masquerade studs (also eBay!).

Links are below for anyone who feels the urge to buy (just click)!

Black Wedge Shoes – Evans £25

Khaki Boots – New Look £14.99

Mac Lipstick – Mac £varies

Red Clutch – eBay £17

Feather Clutch – eBay £29.99

Masquerade Earrings – eBay 99p

Leopard Print Jacket – Tesco £20

Floral Jacket – Forever 21 £27.95

College Sweater – New Look £14.99

Baroque Top – Asos Curve £22

Black Knitted Dress – Asos Curve £21

Checkboard Skirt – Asos Curve £18

Baroque Skirt – Asos Curve £18





Rising With The Lark

I don’t so early mornings.  At all.  In fact, I think the fact there are two 6 o’clock’s in one day is a matter that should seriously be spoken about in Parliament with the view to abolishing it.
So, when my boss said it was time to pop to a meeting to London I was excited for a day out of the office… not so much for the 5AM start.  But, mama always said, you gotta make lemonade out of lemons so I took myself off for an early night and set the alarm the following morning.

I’d decided to wear my blue lark dress that I had picked up in the New Year’s Sale from New Look.  The colour is magnificently blue and not one that I’d normally go for, but seeing other bloggers being pushed outside their comfort zone lately I was inspired.  Dressed down, this dress is the perfect length and understated print for a work outfit.

I teamed this bold dress with some thick black tights from Simply Be (averaging around £6 for a pair), a pair of suede flats from New Look again – I couldn’t bear the thought of walking around London in the snow in heels! – and my favourite black cardigan from Tesco.
Due to it being a work meeting I played down the accessories and went for oversized sapphire studs with no neckwear.

I love the feel of this dress, it’s made of such a silky material and it extremely light in weight.  The print is simply gorgeous, I’ve grown a bit of a fondness for bird print since entering the blogosphere and have practically packed out my wardrobe with the stuff!
This dress is a size larger than I would normally buy as I had taken the type of material and my boulders  bustline into consideration.  Upon reflection though, this dress is a little too large and doesn’t show off my waistline much so I would size down next time.
The only downside to this outfit was the tights, walking around London with tights that seem to be intent on hitting the pavement is not something I would recommend.  It was slightly uncomfortable! I do think this was, however, due to the sizing – I had picked up a slightly bigger pair to combat my 5’11 height and as a result the elasticity around the waist was loose.

So, that was my business day out in London – what do you wear for work dates?



PS – I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the girl who contacted me whilst I was in Euston! It meant so much that you took the time to approach me and tell me you loved my little blog… I was beaming throughout my morning coffee!