This Sh*t Is Bananas!

Sometimes you buy something that creates huge conversation where other people offer their very strong opinions…
This, is the banana print top.


Bought off eBay for just £6, bat wing fit and a fierce banana print. I bloody love it, but it well and truly divided opinion between friends and family! But I love that I’ve made people talk, isn’t that what fashion’s all about? Making a statement?
I felt so amazing in this top, it’s so different to my usual style and I loved rocking a print that obviously envoked strong opinion.  Driving to Tesco with a bit of Gwen Stefani on full blast in this top may have been a little bit over the top… but I didn’t care!
The top is originally from Ruby Rocks, a  brand I’ll be casting my beady eye over with some payday perversions. You can find some RR beauties over at Simply Be too!

Is it time for you to make a statement?


March Money Budget Left: £20.75


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