March Money Management


Being a business student you would have thought that I was a natural with bank statements, budgeting and money management.  Well, I’m not.  Sure, I can make sure the bills go out and I always know what’s in my bank account at all times, but when it comes to money management the pennies blow a gigantic hole in my pocket.
I’m a 20-something year old girl with no kids and a disposable income, so when I see something pretty I don’t have the umm arr  moment where I contemplate the outgoings, I get it.  Straight up.  But this has to change, I’ve been saving for a new place with my partner for some time and within the next couple of months responsible adult living is going to come knocking on my front door (argh!).
My biggest expenditure at the moment, and especially since I’ve become active on the plus size community is clothes, shoes and accessories.  My oh-so-clever partner calculated from my bills last month that during the whole of January I spent, on average, 13p a minute!

So, with this astonishing revelation, I’ve decided to do a test run and put myself on… a budget.

moneyDuring the month of March I will only allow myself £40 to spend on any clothes, shoes, accessories or bags I have the urge for.  This number was arrived at with a general survey of friends, colleagues and family as a ‘suitable’ disposable amount that wouldn’t affect life or bills.  I have the shakes already…

BUT, I’m going to do it! If nothing else but to stop the bloody jokes from my partner…
‘Babe, most people spend a penny when they go to the loo – but you spend around 50p’  Git.

I’ll be keeping a countdown of monies all through the month on this blog so you can keep an eye on my expenditure too!


So, what do you think? Great idea or worst plan known to woman?

Much love x



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