Tescotastic Khaki Zebras!

Just a quick post from me today, I appreciate I’ve not been posting as frequently as I usually do at the moment – a combination of assignments being heavy and spending more time at work.  It’s the odd hour here and there that gets ya!
Anyway, a few days back my mama treated me to a little Tesco haul (because, let’s face it, I’m obviously the favourite daughter) and I managed to pick up these little beauties…

I’m not a big fan of the camoflouge trend hitting the high street at the moment, that print doesn’t work well on my body shape at all.  However, I do like khaki and browns, so when I saw this zebra print khaki t-shirt for £5 I was like… YES.
I teamed it with a gold knot necklace (Tesco, £10), my new gold cardi (Primark, £6) and my trusty black skinnies.  My satchel goes everywhere with me at the moment (cute story – will post about that one at another time) so the tan colour works well with this outfit.


This was just a cute outfit for a casual Sunday – affordable too!

Why not pop on over to Tesco and see what goodies you can grab yourself now?
OR… head on over to Mrs Bebe’s blog to try and win a £50 Tesco voucher!

Have a fabulous week peeps 🙂



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