FATSHIONOLOGIE: February Florals

fatshionologieFatshionologie is a blogger style challenge, born out of a discussion on twitter, in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style ‘theme’ can be be rocked by a variety of different body shapes!
This month’s theme was florals.

Floral print and I have an on/off relationship, in that retailers love to put it on me and I like to to take it off.
Much like butterflies and smocks, I’ve always felt that plus size retailers have used floral print for the larger lady once too often to the point where it has now become a staple in every plus size fashion cycle.  For this reason, generally, I have tried to stay away from florals as a staple of my own wardrobe.

So, with this is mind, I wanted to do something a little bit darker and sexier than (in my mind) what I mentally associated floral with.  I had a night out due anyway, and wanted to make an impression, so this was the opportune moment!
As Evans were flaunting a  delicious discount on twitter, I decided to have a little trawl on their site and pick up some bits from there.
I picked up a satin floral print shirt (£18), some superstretch black skinnies (£20) and a pair of velvet black wedges (£20).


I seem to be totally unable to pull a happy face… like, ever.

As the shirt is made from a satin material, I sized up – mainly to counteract my overly large breasticles.  Having said that, I could have got away with my normal size 22, but I did like the oversized shirt feel and it meant I could undo some buttons down the cleavage line without it gaping open.  The shirt is beautiful, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it.  The fabric feels amazing on your skin, the print on the dark backgound makes it look sophisticated rather than frumpy too.

1360493778433These shoes are my life right now… totally in love with them…


I underplayed the accessories with this outfit, I wanted the shirt to do all the talking and be minimal on the baggage.  I have large boobs, so my bra generally acts as my purse on a drunken night out!
The earrings were in sale from Tesco at a bargain on £1.50.  I think they work with this outfit, right?

So that’s me! My outfit for this month’s fatshionologie challenge!
A big thank you to the girls in the group who let me join up, it meant a lot to be included – thank you 🙂


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