Tescotastic Khaki Zebras!

Just a quick post from me today, I appreciate I’ve not been posting as frequently as I usually do at the moment – a combination of assignments being heavy and spending more time at work.  It’s the odd hour here and there that gets ya!
Anyway, a few days back my mama treated me to a little Tesco haul (because, let’s face it, I’m obviously the favourite daughter) and I managed to pick up these little beauties…

I’m not a big fan of the camoflouge trend hitting the high street at the moment, that print doesn’t work well on my body shape at all.  However, I do like khaki and browns, so when I saw this zebra print khaki t-shirt for £5 I was like… YES.
I teamed it with a gold knot necklace (Tesco, £10), my new gold cardi (Primark, £6) and my trusty black skinnies.  My satchel goes everywhere with me at the moment (cute story – will post about that one at another time) so the tan colour works well with this outfit.


This was just a cute outfit for a casual Sunday – affordable too!

Why not pop on over to Tesco and see what goodies you can grab yourself now?
OR… head on over to Mrs Bebe’s blog to try and win a £50 Tesco voucher!

Have a fabulous week peeps 🙂



BPSFW: Disappointing.

Lpsflogo2Last weekend was the ‘event of the plus size fashion season’ – British Plus Size Fashion Weekend.
This was my first event, so coupled with the high publicity and blogger buzz surrounding the event beforehand I was super excited to be able to go.  At £45 a pop for a day ticket, I chose not to purchase the whole day ticket due to funds (I had to take into account hotels and travel also), but opted for the fashion show tickets at £21 instead.  As I’d still be granted access to the +Market I wasn’t overly worried about missing out, the other workshops and events didn’t seem like my cup of tea anyway.
Mum said she would come along with me, which meant we could spend some girly time together too – which is rare when you have 5 other siblings to contend with! – so it made it an extra nice weekend to look forward to.

When we arrived at the venue (which, coincidentally literally miles away from any tube station!), we were greeted with a woman who wore  pout the size of Argentina and an attitude to match.  Rather than greeting me, she simply looked at me and barked ‘Have you got tickets?’.  Well, yes, I have… but who the fuck wants to show you after talking to me like that?!
The woman then went onto to tell me I couldn’t access any facilities or the market place as I only had tickets for the fashion show.  Pfft, no – I’d been told on twitter, and via the website itself, I had access so I was getting in.  After checking with what seemed her superior, we were reluctantly let into the marketplace.
We walked into a medium sized room, with around 10 stalls – a combination of clothing, accessories and cake stalls (my kinda town!).  We started to make our way around the room, meeting with the various brand reps and bloggers.  It had a lovely feel and atmosphere inside the room, it felt very friendly and everyone was keen to get your ideas or opinions.


After having a lengthy chat with the rep for Evans (who, coincidentally, is bloody lovely) and checking out the new lines for the Live Unlimited range we headed over to Curvissa.  Curvissa had a competition on the day which entailed dressing a mannequin from a rack of clothing, if you won then you could win the outfit… so, I had to get in there!
I’d decided to do something a little different with my outfit, I imagined a lot of other bloggers would either stick to trends or try to dress the mannequin similar to something they themselves would wear, so I opted to style it for someone else.  Using mum as inspiration, I styled a plus size woman in her 40’s going for lunch with family.  I just loved the colour pop of the jeans, the print of the scarf was to die for and that jacket… wowzers.  It’s totally on my wish list.  A suit jacket with leather sleeves… Oh my, yes!

Fingers crossed I win! Mum may not get that item…


So after perusing the other stalls, grabbing some freebies and networking, it was coming up to show time.  Except, everyone was in the corridor.
Why? Because there was literally nowhere else to go.  Unfortunately the poor communication and organisation had left 50+ bloggers.
Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity inside a sauna, we moved upstairs to the fashion show seating. It was a free for all.and industry experts packed like a sardine into a very tight space.  There was little communication, the room was hot and I could see more and more grumpy faces in the crowd.  On the plus side though, the corridor party gave me time to meet some of the other bloggers who I’d been talking to and reading about – namely the lovely Becky, Beth and Becky.  Lovely girls, wish we could have had more time to talk!

No named seats, no coordination of the crowd and literally every man for himself.  We ended up sitting right at the back row, with shocking views. I spent most of my time standing up to see what was coming down the catwalk.

Originally advertised as a fashion show presented by Gemma Collins, we were greeted with the town mayor (who waffled for a good 15 minutes about something – I tuned out) and a woman sporting a ‘I don’t want to be a size 0’ t-shirt.  Now, I’m all for empowering the plus size woman and embracing fashion diversity, but if I don’t feel thinner women have the right to judge my size then why should we have the right to judge them? This isn’t a double standard, there should be acceptance for all – rather than body shaming slimmer women and degrading ourselves to cheap remarks.  What’s said to friends and in the pub is one thing, but to a global platform you should be more considerate of what you’re being recorded as saying.  To the press, you’re not just representing your event but us a fashion group, plus size.

So the rest of the evening consisted of technical hitches, piercing microphone sounds and designers getting annoyed at being mismatched on the catwalk (Anna Scholz was named on the screen when another designer’s work walked down the catwalk).
Afterwards we all kind of followed the flow of traffic out the building, without any goodbyes, and just kind of… drifted.

All in all, I was extremely disappointed by the event.  It had been billed as this fabulous event that had so much variety and empowerment, only to be met with poor judgement and communication.  Considering a day pass was 400% more expensive than the cost of the Plus North tickets, I was expecting more bang for my buck.
I appreciate a lot of hard work, hours and planning has gone into the event but I think the organisers need to come away from this and evaluate the customer experience rather than the press attention.

Still, I managed to meet new people, buy some lovely clothes whilst in London, eat some good nosh and (most importantly) spend some quality time with the matriarch.


FATSHIONOLOGIE: February Florals

fatshionologieFatshionologie is a blogger style challenge, born out of a discussion on twitter, in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style ‘theme’ can be be rocked by a variety of different body shapes!
This month’s theme was florals.

Floral print and I have an on/off relationship, in that retailers love to put it on me and I like to to take it off.
Much like butterflies and smocks, I’ve always felt that plus size retailers have used floral print for the larger lady once too often to the point where it has now become a staple in every plus size fashion cycle.  For this reason, generally, I have tried to stay away from florals as a staple of my own wardrobe.

So, with this is mind, I wanted to do something a little bit darker and sexier than (in my mind) what I mentally associated floral with.  I had a night out due anyway, and wanted to make an impression, so this was the opportune moment!
As Evans were flaunting a  delicious discount on twitter, I decided to have a little trawl on their site and pick up some bits from there.
I picked up a satin floral print shirt (£18), some superstretch black skinnies (£20) and a pair of velvet black wedges (£20).


I seem to be totally unable to pull a happy face… like, ever.

As the shirt is made from a satin material, I sized up – mainly to counteract my overly large breasticles.  Having said that, I could have got away with my normal size 22, but I did like the oversized shirt feel and it meant I could undo some buttons down the cleavage line without it gaping open.  The shirt is beautiful, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it.  The fabric feels amazing on your skin, the print on the dark backgound makes it look sophisticated rather than frumpy too.

1360493778433These shoes are my life right now… totally in love with them…


I underplayed the accessories with this outfit, I wanted the shirt to do all the talking and be minimal on the baggage.  I have large boobs, so my bra generally acts as my purse on a drunken night out!
The earrings were in sale from Tesco at a bargain on £1.50.  I think they work with this outfit, right?

So that’s me! My outfit for this month’s fatshionologie challenge!
A big thank you to the girls in the group who let me join up, it meant a lot to be included – thank you 🙂


Why not go check out the other fabulous floral forays from the girls? 
I thoroughly recommend them!
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Red Lipped Hussy

So I’ve never had the confidence or inclination to wear red lipstick.  In fact, I’ve always considered myself to look a little bit of a hussy whenever I’ve had it on, overhearing comments from my mum who never wore it in fear of looking like a pricey hooker.
I’ve always grown up with the idea that women with olive coloured skin and brown hair should not wear rouge, whether that be lipstick or blush, and stick to neutrals and earthy tones.
However, this regimented thought in my mind started to crack when I starting seeing a gorgeous Irish fancy flashing her colourful pout every week.  Sian was rocking some poptastic colours with her forever growing lipstick collection, breaking all the conventional rules of skin types and hat you should wear… Which got me thinking… And buying…

I rocked onto eBay and bought the Sally Hanson Natural Beauty Comfort Lipstick, in a fierce shade – Sangria – for £3. I did a bit of reading around and most beauty bloggers either recommended an orangey-red for my skin tone, or (to be super fierce) a bright cherry red.  I’m an all or nothing girl, so the latter option was chosen!20130207_1638421360359339510

The lipstick feels silky and luxurious, I found the colour a little overwhelming at first – one coat gives the colour above – but I think this was more to do with my own self confidence and not being used to this colour pop on face!  The picture above is literally the first time I wore the colour, and is only one coat, as I’ve got more confident with the lipstick I’ve added more layers to get a much redder pout.
I totally love this colour, it makes me feel super confident and sexy! I wore this on a night out on Friday and I said to a friend I felt like I put my war paint on when I applied the lippy and I could face anything!

Lipstick convert!

Signature2 days until London Plus Size Fashion Weekend!

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Hello Sailor!

I popped into my local Primark over the weekend in an impromptu shopping trip, initially I was there to pick up some statement necklaces for London PS Fashion Week (only 5 days to go!) but this little cardigan caught my eye…
As blogged previously, my local Primarni is now stocking up to a size 20 on a good half of it’s lines.  Although I still can’t fit into the tighter fitting clothes and fabrics (chiffon is not my friend), I seem to be fine with knitwear.  As I’ve been after a cardigan with elbow pads for a while, this cardigan caught my eye.
It’s a cotton cardigan with a navy blue strip nautical print, with some teacher chic tan elbow pads!


It’s super comfy, so roomy and keeps my very warm.  I just teemed this with some black skinnies, a plan top and my Barrets shoes for a laid back look.  I also added this cute pendant necklace from Primark to emphasis the nautical kick, which is yet again coming back for S/S 13.


Not an overly dressy post, but this is me on a day-to-day basis at college so wanted to share!

Love you guys!


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Who’s That Girl?!

If you’ve popped over to the Evans site lately you made have noticed some familiar faces…


Yes, it’s the gorgeous Callie, Beth and Georgina!  A few of the bloggers recently went to have a sneak peak at the new S/S ranges at Evans HQ, where they were invited into a photo shoot to promote the new range Scarlett and Jo. What a refreshing change from the models Evans normally use! I think these ladies look absolutely gorgeous, don’t you?
The Scarlett and Jo range has gone live on the Evans website, with a bulk of their collection available to buy now.  Certain items haven’t been published for purchase yet (they do this with Clements Ribeiro too) but will soon be ready for you to spend your hard earnt pennies on!

collectionWhy not take a gander over to the site to browse these pieces now?  I LOVE the panel dresses and embellished shoulder t-shirt.
While you’re there you can also catch up on the blogger event (and all things Evans news) on their blog Fashion Fix.

Much love!

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The Evans Wardrobe Challenge!

The delightful Hanna over at The Wardrobe Challenge has teamed up with Evans to offer one lucky reader a chance to win £100 in vouchers! Amazing!

To have a chance of winning this fantastic price all you have to do is create a polyvore image (or similar) of how you would style a piece of the Scarlett and Jo collection.
After seeing a few pieces online and from fellow bloggers at the Evans press event, I knew immediately what piece I wanted to style and set to it!

blog challenge

scarlett and joI appreciate that the image is a little small on this blog – but if you click on it then it will open in a new page to a larger size.
Essentially, I’ve taken the embellished shoulder top from the Scarlett and Jo collection and given the reader two options – a night and day look.  I had planned to do just a night look, but had thought as we all are living in a much more frugal society (counting those pennies!) then it would be cool to see if I could style it up for a day at the office also.  For absolutely everything it’s £140.
Obviously, as the challenge is for £100 I will be submitting for the night look only…. I LOVE THIS LOOK!!

What do you think?

Head on over to The Wardrobe Challenge for a nosey on the competition!