Pay Day Perversions – January

So, payday is in 24 hours and the lustful feelings have started setting in again…

Jan 2013


I’m loving the baroque prints everywhere at the moment, I love lace and the pattern reminds me so much of a lace cloth.  Asos is ringing my bells massively with their latest pieces!
I looked and feel in love with the oversized red leather clutch whilst browsing eBay… for £17 (inclusive of postage) you can’t go wrong.  I need that extra pop of colour, so the Mac lippy is also on the lust list.

And let’s talk about that feather clutch…. HOW Carrie Bradshaw?!?!  Lush.  I imagined a ball gown to the opera with it, hence the masquerade studs (also eBay!).

Links are below for anyone who feels the urge to buy (just click)!

Black Wedge Shoes – Evans £25

Khaki Boots – New Look £14.99

Mac Lipstick – Mac £varies

Red Clutch – eBay £17

Feather Clutch – eBay £29.99

Masquerade Earrings – eBay 99p

Leopard Print Jacket – Tesco £20

Floral Jacket – Forever 21 £27.95

College Sweater – New Look £14.99

Baroque Top – Asos Curve £22

Black Knitted Dress – Asos Curve £21

Checkboard Skirt – Asos Curve £18

Baroque Skirt – Asos Curve £18






Rising With The Lark

I don’t so early mornings.  At all.  In fact, I think the fact there are two 6 o’clock’s in one day is a matter that should seriously be spoken about in Parliament with the view to abolishing it.
So, when my boss said it was time to pop to a meeting to London I was excited for a day out of the office… not so much for the 5AM start.  But, mama always said, you gotta make lemonade out of lemons so I took myself off for an early night and set the alarm the following morning.

I’d decided to wear my blue lark dress that I had picked up in the New Year’s Sale from New Look.  The colour is magnificently blue and not one that I’d normally go for, but seeing other bloggers being pushed outside their comfort zone lately I was inspired.  Dressed down, this dress is the perfect length and understated print for a work outfit.

I teamed this bold dress with some thick black tights from Simply Be (averaging around £6 for a pair), a pair of suede flats from New Look again – I couldn’t bear the thought of walking around London in the snow in heels! – and my favourite black cardigan from Tesco.
Due to it being a work meeting I played down the accessories and went for oversized sapphire studs with no neckwear.

I love the feel of this dress, it’s made of such a silky material and it extremely light in weight.  The print is simply gorgeous, I’ve grown a bit of a fondness for bird print since entering the blogosphere and have practically packed out my wardrobe with the stuff!
This dress is a size larger than I would normally buy as I had taken the type of material and my boulders  bustline into consideration.  Upon reflection though, this dress is a little too large and doesn’t show off my waistline much so I would size down next time.
The only downside to this outfit was the tights, walking around London with tights that seem to be intent on hitting the pavement is not something I would recommend.  It was slightly uncomfortable! I do think this was, however, due to the sizing – I had picked up a slightly bigger pair to combat my 5’11 height and as a result the elasticity around the waist was loose.

So, that was my business day out in London – what do you wear for work dates?



PS – I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the girl who contacted me whilst I was in Euston! It meant so much that you took the time to approach me and tell me you loved my little blog… I was beaming throughout my morning coffee!



Gone AWOL.

Hey guys!

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while, a combination of things have led to me just not posting in a while… time, assignment deadlines, work, saving for a house and er… waiting for my hair to grow.
hairI had a chop just before Christmas and went shorter than usual.  Although I love the colour and the cut is obviously up to professional standards, it’s just far too short for me.  And that is totally my fault, I was the idiot that told the hairdresser I wanted something different.

Stupid bloody hair.  Stupid fat girl.

Soooo… I’ve learnt that shorter hair doesn’t suit me, and that I need to grow out the layers to get back to some lucious locks.  Inevitably, because I’m feeling rubbish about what’s on my head, I’m feeling rubbish about me.  Time will grow my hair back, obviously, but I never realised just how much of an impact my hair has on my overall confidence.  Does it to you?


Student Style

One of the shops that have been really impressing me lately is New Look.  I’ve always felt that New Look missed a trick with it’s target market and marketing dynamic when it came to it’s plus size range, with the shop being typically associated with younger women and more on trend pieces.  It had often failed to deliver a stylish line for women over a size 18 who were already in a captured market on the high street, offering plain chunky knits or floral tents.
However, over the last couple of seasons the chain has significantly upped it’s game in the PS zone. The line has it’s own range as well as getting labels on board, such as AX Paris and Loverobe – offering young and stylish pieces at an affordable price.  And I mean affordable.

I would estimate I’ve spent early £200 in New Look in the last 3 months and packed out my wardrobe!


So, it will come as no surprise that New Look was my go-to for the January sales.
To the side is an outfit I bought for my college days, or casual trip to the shops.  I’d wanted a wine coloured pair of jeans for a while, but being plus size and a 33″ leg, it was nigh on impossible… I was practically jumping for the roof when I saw these babies in the sale, at a bargain £10!
I bought a cute stone curve hem jumper and some grey houndstooth plimsols to wear with them also, and (to make it super studenty) linked it up with my Matalan scarf and satchel my younger brother bought me for Christmas.

IMG-20130104-01066IMG-20130104-01067IMG-20130104-01059IMG-20130104-01074 IMG-20130104-01064

So, cute right?  And all for a song in the January sales!  Sorry about the background… we’re decorating!

Why not check out New Look now?  Their online stuff is so much better than their in store lines, so don’t let that trip you had a month ago put you off.


Kardashian Killer Kurves!

I was having a little browse online on Dorothy Perkins, lusting at the new Kardashian collection when it suddenly struck me I was too fat to even get one boob in a dress – let alone my whole body!
So after the 30 minutes of depression and self loathing, I thought fuck it – I’ll find a knock off on eBay in a bigger size.  If these Kardashian cows didn’t want me to wear their clothes then I’m going to plunder my money into the counterfeit market and have something that looks exactly the same and half the price.  So there. Suck it Kardashians.

However…. I had my tantrum a little too early.

After a bit of research, I found that the Kardashians do indeed have a plus size range at Sears. And it’s rather gorgeous.
The collection is called Kardashian Kurves and is aimed at the younger plus sized market, with chic dresses and luxurious fabrics.  The range is limited to only 12 pieces at the moment, and obviously only based in the US, but according to Kardashian HQ there are plans to introduce this to the UK market (pending the success of the straight range at Dorothy Perkins).

Below are my 3 favourites from their current collection.



Averaging at £30 a piece, the collection is quite affordable, however if you’re going to buy remember the trans-atlantic postal charge at £8 which will bump up the overall price.
Still, I recommend a good lusting session at Sears!


A New Year

According to The Telegraph, 95% of Brits make a New Years Resolution every year.  Amongst the most popular are vows to lose weight, stop biting your nails, giving up smoking and living life more.  But how many people actually keep to these vows?
If you’re anything like me, you make a resolution every year and last about a week.  Vows to stop smoking went up in flames last year after I started to lose my rag with colleagues at work, at which point one of them handed me a packet of Lambert and Butler and ordered me on a break.  The year before that was a vow to lose weight, I dropped three dress sizes and then went back up one in the last 6 months of the year – still counts, right?
I think the key thing with resolutions where people go wrong is that they are far too big and the challenge becomes daunting, so we give in with thoughts of inevitable failure anyway.

So, this year, I will not be making a large New Year’s resolution.  In fact, I’m not even going to call it a resolution.  I’m setting myself 6 small goals to achieve before December 31st 2013.

NY Resolutions


1.  Visit India – I’ve always had wanderlust.  Give me a passport, suitcase and a wod of cash and I’d be a content gal.  This year, I want to take some time out and travel around India for a couple of weeks.  I’ve always wanted to go to India but felt daunted by the prospect of travelling alone, so when my friend volunteered to adventure with me I had to take the opportunity.  Saving is in progress, tickets are provisionally booked!

2. Buy More Shoes – I have SO many shoes that I just don’t wear, mainly because they are too high and I can’t wobble around in them. This year, I want to increase my flat shoes and mini heel/wedge collection.  My shoe size will never change now, so I consider this an investment.  And that’s how I’m justifying it…

3. Graduate – I’m currently studying for a HND in Business Managment which is due to finish in June 2013.  With fees so ridiculously expensive for higher education in this current market I can’t afford to re-sit any modules, so graduating the HND this year with full module passes would be brilliant.  The goal is to get enough credits to progress onto my BA (degree) top up, but that’s a bonus!

4. Make a Difference – I’m not talking raising £5000 for charity or discovering a cure for cancer here, but taking a little bit of time to make someone’s life a little easier or to be a help of some kind.  I’m very blessed to have a roof over my head and food in my cupboards, whereas there are a lot of people who do not.  I need to give back, in some way.  If everyone took 5 minutes in their week to help someone then a huge difference would be made – but the buck will (and always will) start with me first.

5. MOVE OUT! – Since coming home from my own flat 2 years ago I’ve been stuck at home (blame break ups and the recession).  I love my family, I do, but I want my own space again.  My partner and I have been saving and we plan to move out into a home as soon as we find somewhere we like.

6. Get inked – I’ve always found tattoos to be graceful and poignant (if done properly).  I already have 2 tatts on my body, ‘Carpe Diem’ on my left wrist for my Pa (who has passed) and a trinity on my right inside ankle to symbolise a friendship with a close friend.  I’m scouring for a quotation or symbol for my next ink visit 🙂


So that’s it, my resolutions goals for 2013 shared with you, because you are all important to me and I love your feedback/encouragement.


Happy New Year!