Breaking Out From The Crowd

Being plus size and 16 can be a tough thing to contend with.  Being constantly surrounded by peers who have a thinner physique, contending with bouts of acne and being asked to make big life changing decisions can often lead to a very frustrating and difficult couple of years.
Throw in money (or lack of) being set at a high bar for plus size retailer pieces and you have one seriously self conscious girl! What 16 year old can afford a pair of wide calf boots for £100 or a dress for around £30?

So when I saw my younger cousin rocking this outfit for a thrift earlier today I had to have her on the blog…




Mollie rocks some cobalt blue jeans (£20, New Look), peach top (£2 Primark), studded cardigan (£4, Charity shop find) and finishes it off with a rockability scarf.
I think this is such a cute outfit, so simple and on trend with the bold colours. I also think it’s so brave for a girl this age to stand out with a vintage plus size style, it’s so easy for a younger girl to just fall into the pack and wear the latest college trend.
Brava to Mollie and her fabulous chic!


Primark Plus Size?!

Saying I’m too swamped to write a blog post is a complete cliche, but I’m going to use it… Between snuffles and tissues, assignment deadlines for college and an increased workload at work I’m struggling to keep up to date with my blog.  As much as I don’t want to, I’m throwing the towel in on the Christmas Countdown 😦

If you’re looking for a Christmas daily fix then check out The Only Way Is Toni, who’s still competing in the challenge!

Moving on… Because of my sniffles recently I’ve been chilling in comfort clothes, which for me is jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan.  I’m in love with cardigans, I have a million! There’s something so snug and secure about a cardi, I love how it can dress down an otherwise dressy outfit so that you can rock it on your sofa or at your grans.
My recent cardigan purchase was from Primark (of all places!).  My local store have increased their size line to include a 20 now, which is great news!  Whilst you’re probably not going to see my prancing around in a Primark dress on here, you will certainly be seeing me squeeze my way into their cardis and jackets!
I bought this hounds tooth cardigan last week in a size 20 for £12, teamed it with a plain black tee and my reliable skinnies from Evans.
I also wore this hat from Miss Selfridge, I’ve had it for years and it’s my go to for Winter hat wear.


This necklace (bought from a market stall) gives the outfit a little edge, so it doesn’t feel too Grandma went to M&S.


So, what do you think?  Have you made any Primark purchases recently?




So Fabulous Biker Chic!

I’ve been lusting after a biker jacket for a while now, seeing other bloggers taking on the look and more designs popping into the high street stores I have a craving to get my mits on one.  What was stopping me?  Well, I was worried I’d look like a trucker.  A fat trucker.
MAs soon as I tried one on I had flashing images of Chubby Jo chowing down on his sloppy joes whilst he turns the radio… Cue me tearing off the jacket and exiting the changing room, sheepishly handing back the jacket to the girl at the door.
I’ve just always had they stereotype in my head that leather jackets are for truckers and rockers, only thinner girls could pull them off and if I tried I’d be towed to the nearest greasy spoon to share a tray of chips with Jo.

After seeing a few other curvier girls take on the jacket and look stunning (mainly Rosie on A Rose Like ThisI decided to take the plunge and order one online.  If I had bought one from a shop I would have chickened out and not bought it, by ordering it home it gave me time to adjust to it and sporadically try it on in front of the mirror and away from prying eyes.

After looking around, I settled on this little number from one of my favourite brands – So Fabulous.

so fab jacket


So Fabulous PU Biker Jacket – £59

It was simple, which appealed to my sense of style, and came in the plus size range.  I sized up, as I have J cups (yes ladies, FEEL for me!) and needed that extra room for occasions when I wanted to do the jacket up.  I teamed it with my New Look swallow day dress and some black Tesco leggings (thank you Rachel on the tip off!), and my sparkly pink long scarf, also from Tesco.
The jacket has such a great fit, it’s long enough in the body and gives enough across the chest so if, like me, you are breastically blessed it gives a little more room.  It’s also extremely warm! AND SMELLS AMAZING!


Apologies for the face, it’s been a loooong day and I was super tired.

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and, despite a few occasions, I feel pretty confident in it.  The turning point came for when another girl came up to me in a supermarket and asked me where I had bought it from because she wanted one!  This may seem really shallow, but when you’re doubting your purchases and look this kind of comment reinforced that I had made the right choice (and I didn’t look like a hairy biker!).

I’ve included the link to the jacket above if you fancy a gander.  I’d really recommend checking out So Fabulous, the range is beautiful and genuinely think it’s not marketed enough considering it offers a lot more choice and modern trends for plus size than it’s high street competitors.
What do you think?




GUEST POST: Making a Fat Free Gingerbread House With ‘The Boys’

Hello everyone,
I was on twitter asking if anyone wanted me to do a guest post and Kim was there for me and I said I would make my fat free, vegan gingerbread house for her!
The original recipe can be found here on but I modified it slightly for my needs.
Roses Fat Free Vegan Gingerbread House!
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups of self raising flour
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1/2 cup molasses sugar (you can use soft dark brown sugar)
1/2 cup sugar
100mls (or however much you need to make a dough) fresh orange juice
Preheat oven to 160c (fan oven) or 180c
1 Mix the sugars and orange juice with the baking powder
2 add to the dry ingredients and mix until you can form a dough (you may have to add more flour if it is sticky or orange if it is too dry
3 Knead the dough until it is smooth
4 flour the surfaces and roll out cutting your pieces out (I have a special set of cutters) and laying on a non stick cookie sheet.
5 bake for 12 to 15 minute then put on a rack to cool
We glued it together using royal icing (recipe here, I used h2o instead of lemon juice) whilst listening to old Christmas songs (I let the boys decide the design, hence the trees on the roof!) and there was lots of licking icing & eating “spare” pieces of gingerbread including a large extra roof piece I had made by mistake!!
The ginger bread itself is hard and crunchy and tastes the same as regular gingerbread itself does. This recipe would also be great for tree ornament to ice and hang on the tree. If you want to add details like windows, doors or holes for ribbon you need to do it whilst it is warm from the oven or before baking.
And here is the final results of our fun!! I have to say I made the icing a little bit thin so the roof fell off twice!! But all in all I would say it is a roaring success!!
Thanks for reading and let me know if you would try some Christmas baking and tweet me your photos to @milkymoles
If you would like to read more about my diet, beauty or general posts then check out my blog HERE. 🙂

London Plus Size Fashion Week… Finally!

gaultierLondon Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week – What do they all have in common?
Aside from the fabulous fashion, the diva designers, champagne on ice and mass media coverage, they all lack plus size.
Despite leaps forward with some fashion designers (think Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris, sending down a size 24 in black lingerie) there is still a lack of both plus size models on the catwalk and coverage on any plus size lines designed. The industry is obsessed with thin, aesthetically pleasing woman and design clothes to hang off them in a bid for beauty.
Kate Moss once said ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’… Clearly she hadn’t tried a Greggs sausage roll….

As of February 2013, this is changing as London Plus Size Fashion Week comes into full focus.


This event will see UK designers and brands come together to embrace the curves of the UK and Europe, culminating in a weekend of full on fashion and tips for plus size women.  This is the first event of it’s kind and magnitude within the UK, with the media already keeping a close eye and the plus size blogosphere movement going mad over it!

Looking at the schedule, you’ll be able to see a catwalk, fashion shows, key note speakers and debates, a plus size shopping area, swap shops and so much more! This weekend proves to have potential for becoming a key fashion event on every fashion mogul and journalist’s calendar.
I’ve never really felt able to go to fashion events, fearing the evil stare from the smaller girls or feeling generally out of place, so this event is music to my ears.  Knowing what the plus size community is like now, I know they’re going to grab this with both hands and take a massive run with it (or jog… we don’t run, do we ladies?).
The event is being held in London, with venue details to follow, and you can grab for as little as £7!

So what are you waiting for?  Get your wardrobe fitted out, buy those shoes you’ve bneveeen dying for and pack that weekend bag, because baby – this is going to be amazing.

To buy tickets for London Plus Size Fashion Week, click here.


CC: Day 7: Chocoladen Frauline?

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was having a really flat day and I didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to write without going into a long rant about boring things and spreading the negative vibe.  But, still, we’re here – we’re happier – we’re good!

Moving on….

As you all know, I went on a mini trip to Bruges with the partner last weekend.  We’d managed to get a two-for-one mini-cruise from P&O for a bargain price, and as it was our anniversary we decided to book it up.
We sailed overnight to Bruges on a cruise-boat-come-ferry-come-tuna tin and arrived early on a wet Monday morning.  But the rain wasn’t going to deter our fun! We walked, we talked, we ate, we drank (a lot) and of course bought some gorgeous Belgian chocolates.




29572_10152310936995468_2093110940_nBruges is such a pretty little city, it still has the cobbled streets from it’s medieval road markets and not one building looks the same throughout the city.  Their grasp of English is excellent, so if you’re worried about a language barrier – don’t be!  We were greeted in English by all our waiters during our stay.  If you’re looking for a little oldy-worldy getaway, and you have enjoyed travelling to other cities Eastern European cities (like Prague), then grab a minicruise and spend the day here – for £40 it’s totally worth it, right?

Click here to book your trip now!

For now, auf wiedersehen!



CC: Day 5: Boots or Food? Boots or Food? Boooooots….. or Food?

There comes a time in a girls life where you get faced with a dilemma.  Buy something you really, really, really want…. or live.

So it boils down to this dear readers – buy the amazing Evans boots or have enough money to eat until you get paid in 2 weeks time!

Decisions… Decisions…

Boots or Purse