I can’t get enough of Barry M, the nail collection just totally nails it for me!
Being a serial, stylish nail biter, having my nails long enough to paint is a big deal for me and I like to celebrate that lengthy achievement by decorating the little bits of bone tissue.  Barry M are fun, stylish, affordable and totally diverse.  For me, matching your nails with your clothes is another form of expression for me.

Here I’ve done a couple of coats of Avon’s nailwear Pro in Noir Emerald, then a thin overcoat of Barry M Croc Effect in black.  My nails are still a little short, but I think they totally rock!  What do you think?


OOTD: Pirate Theme?

Hey guys!

I love a rock inspired trend, skulls at the moment in particular I am loving, but as usual with the larger lady there’s not much out there that isn’t a) disgusting and loose fitted or b) over cutesy and a little edging towards crystal encrusted vomit.  Examples of the latter I found in my local New Look Inspire… Hearts, crystals and skulls in love? C’mon, I’m fat – not a Disney character!

With this in my mind, I knew that really the only way I could rock this trend to suit my own tastes (vs. the high street options for plus size) was to head to the accessories department.

I hit the net looking for a skull inspired black scarf, and found this little beau on eBay for a bargain of £1.29!  For the price I paid for it, the scarf is actually quite a good quality – sure, it’s no silk scarf that I’d use in a seductive belly dance (!) but the cotton is strong and the print is bold.

For a lunch with the family today, I paired a pair of Evans skinny jeans, a plain black V neck top and long school black jumper from Tesco Clothing.  I tend to keep things simple when it comes to accessories, so left the scarf as my main piece and popped some simple crystal drop earrings my lugs.
I had a dig around in the wardrobe for some cute flats to go with it and found this beauties that were bought last Christmas in the sales from Evans.  Turn over top, suede finish, chunky heel.  Yeah, it was piratey – but hey, who cares?

Top tips of the week –
1.  Don’t let the high street dictate whether you can work a trend into your wardrobe or not, you make your outfit!
2.  Have a dig around in the shoe box, you may find a gem you totally forgot about and fall in love with it again (like I did with my Jack Sparrow boots! YARR!)


How To Make A Girl Feel Fat!

A couple of blog posts ago I mentioned that I was lusting after a horse print chiffon blouse from Evans, so much so that I put the order in for it last week.  I even ordered some slim skinny jeans and black shoe-boots to go with it, perfect for a couple of nights out I had coming up.  Very exciting!

The bag came, in usual Evans quick delivery time, and I took the package up into the bedroom excitedly looking forward to staring at myself within the mirror, twirling with a silly grin… Yes, I do that.  Tell me you don’t!
Unfortunately, the blouse that I had sized up already to a 24 didn’t fit me.  In fact, it barely went over my shoulders.  I was devastated.
I slumped onto my bed feeling fat, frumpy and totally lacking any self confidence.
It took me 2 hours to realise that in fact, the blouse had been incorrectly marked up as a 24 when it was actually a size 18. Relief?  Er, yeah.

This still doesn’t take away from the feelings I felt when I put that blouse on in the first instance, the feeling of utter lack of self confidence. This was probably just a minor error from someone in the Evans warehouse, but as a plus size retailer I would have expected them to check and double check what they’re sending out to their clients so that they avoid this type of experience.  Not only is it good business, but they have an ethical duty of care to their target market.
Unfortunately, as the blouse is a limited range and Evans don’t do exchanges online, my nearest Evans don’t have this blouse in stock.  Furthermore, as it was bought on discount code that has now expired, I’m to be penalised financially for someone else’s error.

I’ve emailed Evans on this, so will keep you updated on their response.

I hoping for a good response here, as I actually really like this shop and it would be a shame to let this experience hinder that.

Till next time,