Pussy. Glamopussy.

Halloween is not a fun time for us fatties, just putting it out there.
Traditionally, All Hallow’s Ever was a night of superstition, tradition and warding off evil spirits, in current climate it’s a time of getting your arse down the pub, necking a few cocktails and parading around in the most attractive yet festively ghoulish costume you can bring yourself to wear in public.
Now, for skinny girls, this is a fantastic opportunity to pop off to Ann Summers and pick up a hot sailors outfit or wickedly sexy witch one piece.  For us, the options are drastically small in comparison (unless you fancy forking out over £60) and we either avoid completely or end up looking like Cinderella’s pumpkin sack.

Last year, I had a Halloween party to attend to and I was damned if I was going to repeat the shoddy performance of Halloween costumes of years gone by!
So, I decided to go with a play on words and go as a glamourpuss.

This entailed a cocktail dress I had in the back of the wardrobe (Debenhams I think), purple festive tights (Simply Be) and a feather boa and cat ears from Ann Summers (try not to scowl at the thin people as you walk past, for their sake…).

I then vamped and volumnised the hair, attack my face with eye-liner and walked out the door feeling like a siren.

Oh yes, fat women unite!
Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe!






OOTD – Opam Girly Style!

I adore my jeans, can’t enough of them denim cover ups, but every now and again I like to go girly and wear a dress.
Because I’m so tall (5’11) it’s really difficult to find a dress that isn’t a) half up my toosh or b) acting a ankle scrapers, so I have to try on all dresses I’m interested in the shop (which can be a horrific experience in itself!).
However, on this occasion, I found a little black day dress I feel in love with in New Look Inspire range.

This swallow print dress comes in at a bargain for under £20, so I snapped it up.  For me, it serves as a dress to go from the office to the bar for a weekday vino.  The dress is a little lacklustre in shape, so I teamed it with a skinny snake skin print belt from Simply Be and some black opaque tights.

It’s also bloody freezing out there at the moment, so it got the cardigan treatment!

Apologies about the photograph qualities, I’m dropping heavy hints to the other half for a new one for the festive season!

Till next time…



Glitter, Ice and All Things Nice!

I took my first trip to Simply Be in Leicester a couple of weeks back, with the aim of spending money I’d been gifted by friends, family and partner for my birthday.  From the moment I stepped into the shop, I was in heaven!
I can’t begin to explain the happy feeling that erupted inside of me when I reached for my regular size 22 in the MIDDLE of the rack! The middle! Not right at the back, far away from the view of civilised slim society!  The store staff smiled at me as I skipped from aisle to aisle with racks of clothing hanging over my arm, giggling like a kid in a candy shop…
After my twenty minute ram raid, I decided on a few pieces to try on in the changing rooms (and I have to say, changing rooms at SimplyBe are possibly the best I’ve ever been in – large cubicles with flattering mirrors and your name written on a chalk board outside).
I decided on a few pieces, but my main purchase was this beautiful 1920’s inspired nude dress.

Simply Be Annie Beaded Dress
Tall Skinny Jeans – Evans
Embellished Nude Shoes – New Look

The dress is beautifully floaty, falls over my curves effortlessly and just feels beautiful on.  The embellished top with scallop trim isn’t as heavy as it looks, despite being so detailed in the pearl and glitter bead embellishments.
I teamed this with skinny jeans from Evans and a pair of wide foot nude shoes from New Look for the Kelly Clarkson gig at the LG Arena.  Normally, I would wear this with opaque tights and some cute boots, but I felt that would be a little overdressed for the concert to be honest.

The only thing I would say is if you’re like me and are bossomly blessed, definitely size up – you’ll appreciate that extra room under those pearls!

I can’t begin to express to you just how amazing a shopping experience SimplyBe shops are, they’re recently starting to up their game in the style market and the staff on site are fantastic at making you feel comfortable in your environment.  Knowing that I could size up if I wanted to without the worry of not knowing if the store stocked it just freed me.

SimplyBe stores are in Leicester, Bury, Liverpool and Manchester – why not hit one this payday weekend?  You won’t regret it!



October Wishlist

round this time every month, about 2 weeks before payday, I start mentally spending my money.  I have a mooch through all the online plus size retailers, cross reference it with season trends and always find some thing that catches my eye.
(If you’re struggling with knowing where to shop, why not head over to my ‘Where Can I Shop’ page of some links).

This month I’m totally crushing on biker chic!  I’m loving the jackets on offer from New Look, mixed with the horse print chiffon blouse – gorgeous for a Winter stroll or trip to lunch with the girls.

Horse Print Blouse – Evans

Pink stud earrings – New Look

Bomber Leather Jacket – New Look

Leather Waterfall Jacket – New Look
Studded heels – New Look
Biker knee high boots – Evans

What are you craving this month?  Do you mentally spend your wages away before payday?

Kim x



When you wish upon a pot…

Asking for things for your birthday and Christmas is awkward, isn’t it?
The question from dear Aunty Maud of ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ is daunting when in the back of your mind you imagine poor old Aunt Maud sitting in her living room shivering because she can’t afford the hike in gas prices to turn her heating on, she’s spent the gas money on that pair of shoes you had to have.  As you reel back from this premonition, you return to the moment and just say ‘Oh, nothing really, just a card please’ and you end up getting a pair of knitted socks and a voucher for Bon Marche.
Fantastic, cheers Maud.

This year, why not invest some time on Wishpot

I discovered this beauty of a website a month before my birthday.  It’s essentially a online wishlist or registry where you can store your wanted items and put them on display so others can buy them for you.  The website ranks things in ‘most wanted’ order, price order, added order, etc, so that your gift buyer can choose what to get you based on their budgets without the awkward conversation.
Genius, right?

I got half of my wanted list from others who struggled with gift ideas for me, which made it easier for them and me extremely happy!

And when the occasion passes, I use it as a storage place for items I want to buy myself – based on my own budget that payday.

Do it!  Create one!  It will ensure happiness, fact.