Your Most Important Accessory

It was my 24th birthday on Tuesday and I always get my hair done at my local Salon to make myself feel luscious!I’m a great believer that your hair is your biggest ad most important accessory, it can not only enhance your own beauty but also boost your inner confidence.  When my hair looks good, I feel good.

I went for a chocolate colour on my hair with a layered look.  I haven’t had a fringe in about a decade so getting used to having wisps of hair just above my eyes is taking some getting used to…

I’m taking a trip to Leicester Highcross shopping centre on Saturday, so will hopefully have some delicious buys to share with you all!

Kim xx


And we’re off to a rushed start…

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where we eat cake, buy clothes that make us feel fabulous and spend our last £20 on that gorgeous pair of shoes in New Look that we just couldn’t live without.

My name’s Kim (clue’s in the webpage title) and I have a size 22 bottom, 40J top and go in a little in the middle.  My favourite cake is chocolate fudge, my favourite colour is rustic orange, I love Autumn and I hate sprouts.  Enough of a bio for now?  You didn’t stumble across here for my life story… you  came for the clothes (and good for you!).

So, my first blog is a little of a rushed outfit I’m afraid.  Like most women in their 20’s, I work during the week and had a time slot of 60 minutes to get home, get changed and head on out for Friday night fun.  I’d managed to grab a pair of Michael MacIntyre tickets at the NIA in Birmingham (was SO excited!) and I needed an outfit that would both functional (warm for the late night departure) and casual chic (I didn’t fancy sitting there in my ball gown).
So I opted for a pair of peach straight leg jeans with a beige waterfall cardigan, linked with a dark brown belt with an embellished buckle.  I then opted for my favourite Beth Ditto at Evans shoes to coordinate with the cardigan.

Peach Jeans – So Fabulous! range at K&Co.
Waterfall Cardigan – Florence and Fred (last season)
Belt – Evans (last season)
Heels – Beth Ditto at Evans

Most of this is last season, however you can get the peach jeans from K&Co here.  So Fabulous does have some great pieces this Autumn, so if you’ve never really considered this retailer before take your time to have a mooch around, you might find a cracker!

Sorry for the rushed post, like my life – it was last minute!